Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Future Will Be Great! - Part II

I'm finally sitting down to continue my series on the greatness in my classroom that I started here. I'm so excited to introduce you to the next seven kiddos in my class! They're a great group, and I am amazed each day by their talents and genuine sweetness!

7 - This little one has the sweetest face and can light up a room with her smile. She is quiet which makes the words she chooses to use that much more important to me. My favorite thing about her is her unprompted hugs and kind words. On a fairly regular basis, I’ll find myself busily doing something, and, without even realizing she is there, I’ll feel her small arms circle my waist or her warm head lean against my shoulder. In those moments, I’m reminded to slow down and simply enjoy her. Her quiet, “I love you, Mrs. Hansen,” fills me up!

8 - When I think of this young girl, one word pops into my head: soft. I know that that can sometimes be a bad thing. People who are weak are often referred to as soft. That’s not at all what I mean with this lovely. Her type of soft is the type that allows me to trust her with absolutely everything. She is happy and caring and has a genuine drive to better herself. She’s cute as a button and has passions I know nothing about, which intrigues me. School is not always easy for her, but she always puts her best foot forward. She takes my suggestions and puts them to good use, and I appreciate her so much for this.

9 - This lovely is another one of my quiet ones. She is a beautiful child - not just in physical appearance but also in character. She is one of my friends who keeps our classroom rolling smoothly. She’ll pick things up without being asked. She’s always ready to be a good friend, and she tries her hardest with everything. She is turning into a fantastic reader, and I can’t get enough of listening to her. I can’t wait to watch her grow up and see where she goes. I know she is capable of big things!

10 - It’s hard for me to talk about this lovely without tearing up a bit. She is another one who has been with me for two years, and my bond with her is very strong. Last year wasn't easy. We butted heads a lot. Luckily, both of us have changed quite a bit since those fairly ugly first days together. I've learned to recognize success everywhere, and she has grown up and matured before my eyes. What I absolutely love about this little girl is her ability to stay positive every day. She comes into the room each day with a smile on her face, and she leaves each day with a smile. She is a good one for random hugs too, but my favorite thing is when she’ll grab my hand when we’re walking down the hallway. I love that she’s not too old for that, and I’ll never grow tired of knowing she loves me as much as I love her!

11 - I cannot get enough of this beauty! I love her innocence. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. She is sensitive too, which makes her a great friend. I appreciate her dedication to her work. She is engaged in nearly every activity we do, and I know I can count on her to produce high-quality work. What I love the most about her is that despite her intelligence and diligence, she still challenges and questions herself; she wants to do her best and she happily takes on the extra work needed to get there.

12 - This lovely has spunk! She is sassy (in a positive way) and she makes each day exciting. I love that she loves school. She gives our classroom the energy it needs to make it a great place for everyone. Her passion for reading is incredible. She often chooses to read during inside recess, and she’s always recommending books to me and her friends. Just the other day I sat down next to her to conference with her and she said, “Mrs. Hansen. This is a great book! You should read it!” I love that enthusiasm!

13 - This guy makes me laugh on a daily basis. What I love the most about him is that he gracefully makes mistakes. He is a fantastic role model to his peers for that reason. When he makes mistakes, he doesn’t get upset; he just asks for clarification and starts over again with a smile on his face. I hope this rubs off on all of my kiddos! This little guy has one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard too! I smile every time I hear it; it’s the perfect reminder of the good in this world!

I've got six more fantastic lovelies to introduce the world to! Stay tuned!

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